D33D token use-cases

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  1. Token utility is crucial. Having a good token use-case is essential for the success of the protocol
  2. D33D = Metapoly protocol token.
  3. A good ratio of decentralization of token holders is important for the protocol success

Crypto market moves 24/7. It is also extremely sentiment driven and often judged by the token price and distribution of the token holders. Market and token holders often just focused on the token price and floor price. If anything that we have learned, DeFi and NFT markets are brutal and extremely unforgiving.

We understood this and prioritized token utility from the start.

  1. Token use-cases
  2. Profitable treasury
  3. Active number of token holders
  4. Protocol fees sharing

Token use-cases

  1. Borrowing and lending. LP tokens and Metaverse NFT assets could be deposited as collateral to be used for borrowing. Imagine that you would be able to provide liquidity as LP (D33D/USDC), lend it as collateral and borrow liquidity to further amplify your portfolio profitability by acquiring more D33D for staking!
  2. Gamification with NFT. Mint Guardian NFTs. This includes multiplier on governance voting rights, referral commission, profit share and fees distribution.
  3. Metaverse NFT marketplace. Metaverse landowners could bring their lands to buy/sell and the trading fees would be shared with token stakers.
  4. Fractional ownership. Metaverse landowners could fractionalize their Metaverse land assets to the Metapoly community. Imagine a premium land on Sandbox, would you be interested to co-own these lands together with the D33D community? I know I would! Micro-ownership of Metaverse assets for the citizens.
Metapoly ecosystem and D33D token utility

Profitable Treasury

  1. The D33D token would be as valuable as the growth of the treasury profitability. The faster the treasury grows, the more valuable D33D becomes. Not to mention, the stronger the DAO becomes.
  2. The liquidity in treasury then can be used for multitude of investment strategies:
  • Borrowing and Lending. With these stablecoins, we will essentially create a market on the borrowing and lending and will increase protocol profit.
  • MANA and SAND token can be used to acquire more Metaverse lands from Sandbox and Decentraland. Thus, Metaverse land tycoon owned by the DAO and vD33D token holders; “own the D33D, rule the Metaverse”,
  • Metaverse land assets can also be deposited into borrowing and lending to further create additional liquidity to make even more investments to buy even more Metaverse land assets.

Active number of token holders

  1. Metapoly’s D33D and vD33D token will be used on multichain due to the gas fees issue on Ethereum. We will be partnering with cross-chain bridges ensuring user’s would be able to easily move their D33D or vD33D easily.
  2. Multiple support languages would also be part of the roadmap ensuring a global reach for D33D token holders.

Protocol Fees sharing

As demonstrated in the recent successful DeFi protocols, 1 of the key to ensure stability in token price is unlocking protocol fees sharing with token stakers. There are 2 approaches we will be implementing in the near future:

  1. Fees sharing with vD33D and vNFT stakers
  2. Token buyback with protocol profit

With these deep understanding, learning from the mistakes and others, we believe that Metapoly has a strong chance to succeed and create the impact it deserves; democratization and fractionalization of Metaverse for the citizens.

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