Genesis NFTs officially sold out — Faction NFTs coming soon!

3 min readApr 6, 2022


Hello, D33Dgens,

We’re pleased to announce that the 300 Genesis NFTs are now sold out! We want to give BIG thanks to our awesome community for the never-ending support. We have come a long way, but we know that we are on the right path in making Metapoly’s vision to #OccupyMetaverse is executed perfectly. Thanks for supporting us in achieving the 1st milestone in Metapoly history and we couldn’t be more proud of the OGs who took part in it!!!

We are just getting started!

Let’s take a look at our numbers in the Genesis NFT minting:

🏠 300 Genesis NFTs Minted

🏠 138 Owners

🏠 $150,000 USDT Raised

Accomplishments during the Genesis NFT minting

  • A successful Launch party in CryptoVoxel’s space, featuring DJ Outlawz, with over 50 signs in the guestbook
  • Reached 113 out of 300 Genesis NFTs minted during Phase 1 of minting, giving us 37% in the first 24 hours.
  • Surpassed the 50% benchmark of Genesis NFTs minted just a few hours after opening the second phase of Minting.

Giveaways for all Genesis NFT Holders

  • A giveaway of $2000 for the Phase 1 Minters, and $1000 for the Phase 2 Minters, just by posting their Genesis NFTs — Winners Posted!
  • One Genesis NFT for giveaway to all minters once we reached 50% and 80% of Genesis NFTs Minted. — Winners Posted!
  • And now that we reached a SOLD OUT, we prepared a reward for all our minters, as recognition and also for our OGs to experience firsthand what it is to be part of Metapoly.

Here’s a quick recap of all the information that we need to know about Genesis NFTs!

Genesis NFT is specially created to incentivize the OGs, the early supporters with premium-rate to get involved with the project. Metapoly has been whitelisting early supporters through various different community activities to make sure only the hard-core members get to venture into Metapoly before everyone else.

Utility of Genesis NFTs

  • Holders will be airdropped pD33D token (options token) at the same rate as pre-seed investors, which can be later redeemed for D33D tokens.
  • pD33D will be dropped to the same wallet around the end of April / the beginning of May upon Metapoly Beta Launch
  • Holders will be assigned OG roles in discord.
  • Holders will be able to mint upcoming Factions NFTs for free.

Distribution of the fundraised

  • $50k for marketing/community/development
  • $50k for audit cost and token related legal fees
  • $50k for upcoming liquidity for IEO preparation

As you enter Metapoly by holding Genesis NFTs, we’ll give you a sneak peek of what the future would look like in Metapoly:

$USM: Asset-backed Stablecoin for Metaverse

GameFi roadmap: The future Metapoly World!

We hope you are as excited as we are! And of course, minting a genesis NFT would be your first step to joining the movement with fellow D33Dgens!

What is Metapoly?

Metapoly is a New Decentralized Metaverse Land-Bank with Asset-Backed Stablecoin — $USM. Imagine ‘Blackrock’ but for the Metaverse. Democratization and Fractionalization of the Metaverse Lands in web 3.0 for the citizens is one of the visions in Metapoly.

D33D and $USM is a decentralized Metaverse currency backed by Metaverse land value and protocol-owned liquidity.

D33D governance token holders control the Metapoly DAO; thus “Own the D33D, Rule the Metaverse”. $USM Stablecoin is backed by the Metaverse land assets in Metapoly treasury; decentralized and DAO-owned.

A new decentralized metaverse land bank with asset-backed stablecoin $USM, Metapoly.

Join the movement today with

“Own the D33D, rule the metaverse”

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A Metaverse DeFi platform that focus on solving liquidity and use-cases for Metaverse assets. — Own the D33D, Rule the Metaverse