Genesis NFTs officially sold out — Faction NFTs coming soon!

Let’s take a look at our numbers in the Genesis NFT minting:

🏠 300 Genesis NFTs Minted

Accomplishments during the Genesis NFT minting

  • A successful Launch party in CryptoVoxel’s space, featuring DJ Outlawz, with over 50 signs in the guestbook
  • Reached 113 out of 300 Genesis NFTs minted during Phase 1 of minting, giving us 37% in the first 24 hours.
  • Surpassed the 50% benchmark of Genesis NFTs minted just a few hours after opening the second phase of Minting.

Giveaways for all Genesis NFT Holders

  • A giveaway of $2000 for the Phase 1 Minters, and $1000 for the Phase 2 Minters, just by posting their Genesis NFTs — Winners Posted!
  • One Genesis NFT for giveaway to all minters once we reached 50% and 80% of Genesis NFTs Minted. — Winners Posted!
  • And now that we reached a SOLD OUT, we prepared a reward for all our minters, as recognition and also for our OGs to experience firsthand what it is to be part of Metapoly.

Here’s a quick recap of all the information that we need to know about Genesis NFTs!

Genesis NFT is specially created to incentivize the OGs, the early supporters with premium-rate to get involved with the project. Metapoly has been whitelisting early supporters through various different community activities to make sure only the hard-core members get to venture into Metapoly before everyone else.

Utility of Genesis NFTs

  • Holders will be airdropped pD33D token (options token) at the same rate as pre-seed investors, which can be later redeemed for D33D tokens.
  • pD33D will be dropped to the same wallet around the end of April / the beginning of May upon Metapoly Beta Launch
  • Holders will be assigned OG roles in discord.
  • Holders will be able to mint upcoming Factions NFTs for free.

Distribution of the fundraised

  • $50k for marketing/community/development
  • $50k for audit cost and token related legal fees
  • $50k for upcoming liquidity for IEO preparation

$USM: Asset-backed Stablecoin for Metaverse

GameFi roadmap: The future Metapoly World!

What is Metapoly?

Metapoly is a New Decentralized Metaverse Land-Bank with Asset-Backed Stablecoin — $USM. Imagine ‘Blackrock’ but for the Metaverse. Democratization and Fractionalization of the Metaverse Lands in web 3.0 for the citizens is one of the visions in Metapoly.

A new decentralized metaverse land bank with asset-backed stablecoin $USM, Metapoly.

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A Metaverse DeFi platform that focus on solving liquidity and use-cases for Metaverse assets. — Own the D33D, Rule the Metaverse