Metapoly Beta Launch with Land NFT Borrowing & Lending


At the moment, there are some notable problems in the metaverse.

  1. Illiquid assets: It is difficult for landowners to realize their capital gain.
  2. Lack of use-case: Metaverse assets are not generating value for landowners and creators.
  3. Unaffordability: Regular users are priced out of blue chip Metaverse projects.

Metapoly Solution

Metapoly addresses these issues as critical for the growth of the metaverse ecosystem, and suggests solutions below. As a Metaverse Bank,

  1. Unlocking assets value: We provide over-collateralized borrowing with blue-chip Metaverse land deposits.
  2. Leasing & building: Renting metaverse lands to builders, creators, meta-estate to create growth and value.
  3. Micro-ownership: We co-own blue-chip Metaverse assets and enable governance.

What is Borrowing & Lending?

In Metapoly Borrowing & Lending, lenders provide liquidity (stablecoins) to the market to earn passive income, while Borrowers can borrow liquidity (stablecoins) with an over-collateralized metaverse land NFTs as collateral.

Why collateralize your NFT?

There is a demand in the market for metaverse landowners to create some liquidity using their NFT as collateral. That’s where Metapoly comes in. On Metapoly, users can borrow liquidity for stablecoins by collateralizing “Otherside by Otherdeed NFT” at beta (more upcoming blue-chip Metaverse will be available in the near future) and repay the loan and get back the ownership of NFT.

So what do I do?

For Borrowing, users can deposit Otherdeed for otherside and borrow USDC against the value of the corresponding NFT.

Which price oracle does Metapoly use?

Metapoly works with the Chainlink Labs team to complete the NFT oracle price feeding. Chainlink’s secure, robust decentralized oracle network enables Metapoly to incorporate both floor prices and sales of recent purchases in its valuation.

[Beta app on mainnet]

Important notice: Always double check and ensure to use the official link.

[FAQ on Borrowing & Lending]

[Beta app tutorial for Borrowing & Lending]



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