Metapoly Genesis NFT Minting Guide

D33Dgens, this is the very beginning of Metapoly’s journey to democratize metaverse land assets and unify multi-metaverse. Genesis NFT is going to be the gateway to access our governance token D33D, which is backed by metaverse land assets.

Metapoly prepared this IDO to allow our early, passionate supporters to mint a limited amount of Genesis NFTs through Mintology Studio. This guide will show how you go about minting Genesis NFTs.

There are two minting phases for Genesis NFTs:

Phase 1 Minting : 2 Apr 8:00pm SGT — 3 Apr 7:59pm SGT

Phase 2 Minting : 3 Apr 8:00pm SGT — 5 Apr 7:59pm SGT

IDO Genesis NFT Mint Details

  • Price: $500
  • Accepted Currency: ETH / USDT / USDC
  • Total Supply: 300 — 30 Ape Gang, 90 Crown, 90 Key, 90 Moneybag
  • NFT Property: 4 — Ape Gang, Crown, Key, Moneybag

Important notice

  • If you meet any difficulties during the minting, please open a ticket # support, our admin will be there to help you!
  • Please do not click on any other unofficial links for mining. Be aware of scams. If you have any doubt, please find admin in our discord to get help.


1. In order to mint Metapoly Genesis NFTs, users must be whitelisted with their wallet address.

2. For phase 1 (guaranteed mint), you will have a “whitelisted” role on your discord ID if you are eligible to mint. If you’re not sure if you are whitelisted, please contact Metapoly team members through discord (open a ticket in #support channel)

3. For phase 2 minting, you won’t have a whitelist role but you will still need to register the google form here before the mint. Both phase 1 and phase 2 WL will be closed for registration at 10am SGT on 2 Apr.


  1. Before you mint, you should have the whitelisted wallet ready in your internet browser, and we recommend you to use the desktop to mint.
  2. Genesis NFT Mint uses the Ethereum network, so please prepare some ETH to pay the gas fee.


Happy Hour — 8:00pm SGT 2 Apr — 9:00pm SGT 2 Apr
During the 1st hour since the minting starts, users who use USDC or USDT (not ETH) can mint Genesis NFT without any gas fee. Gas-less minting is powered by Biconomy and the gas fee will be covered by Metapoly. Enjoy!

1. Visit Mintology Studio Metapoly Genesis NFT minting page:

2. Select the preferred currency. Metapoly Genesis NFT provides 3 different currencies for minting: ETH / USDC / USDT

3. Click “Buy now”

4. Set 1 as the quantity that you’re going to mint, and click “Confirm”

5–1. If you are using USDT/ USDC to mint, your wallet will ask you to confirm 2 transactions.

  • Approve to use USDC/USDT. This transaction requires a small amount of gas even during happy hour.
  • (During the Happy Hour) Request signature for using Biconomy SDK to spend USDC/USDT. In this transaction, we take care of the gas, and you don’t have to pay any gas here. Enjoy!
  • (After the Happy Hour) Request to approve the gas fee to mint NFT. This transaction requires a gas fee.

5–2. If you are using ETH to mint, your wallet will ask you to confirm 1 transaction, which is to approve the gas fee to mint NFT.

6. Once you confirm transactions, you’ll see this pop-up message and your Genesis NFT will be shown under ‘My NFTs’.

Congratulations! Now you’re a proud owner of Metapoly Genesis NFT, and you’ll be airdropped 2500 pD33D options token for redeeming D33D by the launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the utilities of Genesis NFT?


- Holders will be airdropped pD33D token (options token) at the same rate as pre-seed investors, which can be later redeemed for D33D tokens.
- Holders will be assigned OG roles in discord.
- Holders will be able to mint upcoming Faction NFTs for free.

Q: What is pD33D?

A: As D33D can’t be minted and needs to be backed by assets in treasury, Metapoly created pD33D options token for stakeholders, team, and early supporters who can help this protocol become a success in the long term. (Read more regarding pD33D here).

Q: What is the vesting schedule for the pD33D?

A: 10% on TGE. Cliff for 30 days and balance is 6 months linear vesting.

On TGE, 10% = 75,000 pD33D will be airdropped to the 300 respective NFT holders (250 pD33D each). After the 30 days cliff, the balance of 675,000 pD33D will be distributed monthly for the next 6 months (30th days, 60th day, 90th day, and so on).

Q: How can I redeem D33D with pD33D?

A: To redeem the D33D tokens, the holders would need to redeem $0.1 per pD33D to exchange for D33D. In short, 1 pD33D + $0.1 to redeem for 1 D33D. Please read more details about the pD33D token here.

Q: After minting, when can I expect the pD33D airdrop? Do I need to hold the NFT till then?

A: You can expect the airdrop around the end of April / the beginning of May when the Metapoly beta launch happens. And yes, please hold the genesis NFT in your minting wallet until the airdrop.

Q: Will you list the genesis NFT in the marketplace?

A: Yes, you will be able to trade your genesis NFTs on the Opensea Metapoly Genesis NFT page.

Q: How much do I have to pay for the mint?

Based on the ETH price of around $3300 and gas price(40 Gwei) as of writing this article, the gas fee for minting will be approximately 0.00466 ETH($15.4) using ETH as a payment currency and 0.00572 ETH($18.9) as USDC/USDT as a payment currency.

Q: Why do I have to approve 2 transactions for USDT/ USDC payment?

There are a total of 2 transactions you have to go through to mint Genesis NFT: 1) Approving of using USDC/USDT, 2) Approving of minting NFT. During the first hour of minting (Happy Hour), the gas fee for the 2nd transaction will be covered by Metapoly.

Q: I’ve successfully minted my Genesis NFT, what now?

You will be airdropped 2500 pD33D around the end of April / the beginning of May when the Metapoly beta launch happens. So please hold the genesis NFT in your minting wallet until the airdrop.

Q: I failed at minting Genesis NFT, where can I get help?

Metapoly team will be in Metapoly Discord to guide you through if you need help. Please find the admin in the chat or open a ticket through the #support channel.

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