Metapoly Genesis NFT Minting Guide

There are two minting phases for Genesis NFTs:

IDO Genesis NFT Mint Details

  • Price: $500
  • Accepted Currency: ETH / USDT / USDC
  • Total Supply: 300 — 30 Ape Gang, 90 Crown, 90 Key, 90 Moneybag
  • NFT Property: 4 — Ape Gang, Crown, Key, Moneybag

Important notice

  • If you meet any difficulties during the minting, please open a ticket # support, our admin will be there to help you!
  • Please do not click on any other unofficial links for mining. Be aware of scams. If you have any doubt, please find admin in our discord to get help.



  1. Before you mint, you should have the whitelisted wallet ready in your internet browser, and we recommend you to use the desktop to mint.
  2. Genesis NFT Mint uses the Ethereum network, so please prepare some ETH to pay the gas fee.


  • Approve to use USDC/USDT. This transaction requires a small amount of gas even during happy hour.
  • (During the Happy Hour) Request signature for using Biconomy SDK to spend USDC/USDT. In this transaction, we take care of the gas, and you don’t have to pay any gas here. Enjoy!
  • (After the Happy Hour) Request to approve the gas fee to mint NFT. This transaction requires a gas fee.

Congratulations! Now you’re a proud owner of Metapoly Genesis NFT, and you’ll be airdropped 2500 pD33D options token for redeeming D33D by the launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

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