Metapoly: Growth plans with future roadmap

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  1. DAO and governance is the core of Metapoly
  2. Metaverse meets DeFi; borrowing/lending, leasing, staking, NFT marketplace, fractionalized assets
  3. Ecosystem and partnerships
  4. Marketing and community with global reach.

With the recent boom of Metaverse, DAO and “protocol-owned-liquidity” DeFi 2.0 model, Metapoly arrived just at the right time to capture the early stages of the growth of this trillion-dollar-opportunity.

Quoting Arthur Hayes,”For investors who wish to provide capital to the builders of a completely new financial system, this is a once in a millennia opportunity. Many wish they were the financiers, and not the assets being transported or financed during the European Age of Exploration. The creation of the metaverse fixed-income markets offers the opportunity to create the most essential financial services of a completely new universe” Read more about this at

Leveraging our wisdom through experiences on building DeFi, this is our plan for 2022/2023. As with any other successful project, short term iterative improvements progress and keeping the eye at the long term horizon, remains to be our key focus.

High level roadmap

Tech and product

As the DeFi and crypto are constantly evolving, we prioritize the development of token use-cases ensuring the intrinsic value of the D33D token will be constantly in demand. For more information about vD33D, please refer to the FAQ.

1. Borrowing and Lending

  • Metaverse land assets (NFTs) and LP tokens can be deposited for borrowing & lending, thus creating liquidity and value for the ecosystem.
  • These over-collateralized deposited assets can then be used to borrow other crypto-assets such as USM, USDC, USDT, ETH and more.
  • This is made possible through the technology stack built by

2. Gamification with NFTs

  • These NFTs could be minted to provide leverage as vNFT stakers
  • The benefits of these vNFTs includes multiplier for governance voting, referral commissions, profit shares and fees distribution.

3. Fractionalization of Metaverse land ownership

  • Land owners could fractionalize their Metaverse assets for capitalization

4. Metaverse NFT marketplaces

  • Landowners can buy/sell these Metaverse land assets freely.
  • The trading fees will be shared with vD33D and vNFT stakers.

5. Leasing of Metaverse land

  • Metaverse lands can be leased to generate yield for the land owners and Metapoly’s treasury.

DAO and governance

  1. Implementation of for on-chain voting process
  • Using Snapshot as the governance process for major decision on Metapoly protocol,
  • vD33D token holders will be using similar mechanism as ve(3,3) for voting process.

2. DAO would be governed by token holders.

  • vD33D token holders would be able to propose, vote and approve/reject ideas,
  • This gives vD33D token holders a vote to control the DAO’s future; “Own the D33D, rule the Metaverse”!

Marketing and community

  1. Business development and partnerships
  • Started to approach other Metaverse projects for potential partnerships.
  • In talks with data oracle provider (to be announced) for using a decentralized price link oracles.

2. Marketing and PR

  • Engaged with PR agency from New York for long term brand building & credibility for Metapoly brand,
  • Engaged with 2 community building and growth teams based in Dubai and South East Asia,
  • Started paid ads campaigns on multiple sites; Twitter, Google and Youtube ads. Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Dappradar and more are coming soon.

3. AMAs

  • Weekly AMA section with community on social media channels,
  • Engage with partnership / investor communities to do AMAs in other community to expand the network and awareness.

4. Influencer and KOL

  • On board influencers from Youtube, Tiktok and other channels to create paid/ organic content to promote project awareness,
  • Reach out and engage reputable influencers/ KOL in the space to back the project and build credibility.

5. Conference and Events

  • Sponsorship & speaking in global leading crypto events to increase project awareness.

6. Marketing campaigns and community engagement

  • Various marketing campaigns on all social media channels to incentivise community and drive the growth,
  • Community engagement with 24/7 discord mod support

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