Metapoly Project Updates: August 2022 Edition

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GM, GN D33Dgens!

How many GMs / GNs have we mentioned to each other this August? I’d say a hundred, as it’s our way of feeling connected, even if we’re from different time zones. This month was a little slower than expected, but we all know that this is part of building towards a great project — trusting the process!

In this article, let’s go over a monthly recap of what we have been working on and what you should watch out for from Metapoly!


Project Update:

  1. Guardians NFT
  2. Sandbox Integration
  3. NFT Social with Ape Gang
  4. Metapoly and Footprint Analytics Partnership

Community Activities:

  1. Metaverse August Newsletters
  2. Metapoly as seen in…

Tech Update:

  1. Testnet QA
  2. Metapoly Frontend Revamp

Project Update

Guardians NFT

The Guardians of the Metaverse by Metapoly has finally arrived! Slowly we are revealing each character and their utilities. The Guardians of the Metaverse will be part of building Metapoly’s ecosystem. As a brief introduction to Guardians NFT, there will be 5000 Guardians NFTs with unique characteristics and 1,000 FREE MINT to those who will be on the allowlist and of course, our Metapoly OGs or holders of Genesis NFTs. We are very proud to present the Guardians as more than just utilities — 30% Referral fee sharing, D33D Token airdrop, Boosted staking APR, Profit sharing, and many more, so watch out!

So far, we have seen Sailor the Ape and Moonlord and there will be more reveals and campaigns involving the Guardians NFT, too! Right now, we have been actively collaborating with different metaverse-related projects to fulfill our goal of Occupying the Metaverse. If you have suggestions and questions for us, please feel free to message us through Twitter or Discord.

Also, if you are interested in being part of the Allowlist, please register yourself here!

Sandbox Integration

Last month, Metapoly, the pioneer Metaverse Bank launched its first product, land NFT Borrowing & Lending! We started this protocol with Otherside Meta, where landowners can deposit Otherdeed from Otherside against the value of the corresponding NFT. If you are a liquidity provider, you can also deposit USDC and earn passive income.

Now, we are soon to introduce The Sandbox Game as part of this innovation. Sandbox landowners will be able to deposit their lands and borrow USDC, providing utility and liquidity for your metaverse assets.

You can read more about Borrowing & Lending here, and if you want to try it and play around, follow the tutorial here! We would love to hear your comments and suggestions about this product, and we are excited to grow further!

NFT Social with Ape Gang

People say the bear market is the best time to build and catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

In conjunction with Token 2049 — the premier crypto event that brings together the global crypto industry, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and enthusiasts, organized annually in Singapore and London; Ape Gang is going to create an event together with other partner projects including Metapoly!

This September 24 in The Parlour Singapore, Metapoly will be participating in this event including different entrepreneurs such as Inc. 500 Entrepreneur & ReBlock Ventures Partner, Brian D. Evans, ReBlock Ventures Partner, Kenny Izevbigie, Forbes Listed Power Player & Digital Strategist, and Sami Rusani.

This will be great for people looking to kick back and share their favorite NFT, web3, or Defi projects with fellow designers. If you are interested, see the details here!

Metapoly and Footprint Analytics Partnership

We have recently announced another partnership for the month of August, and it is with Footprint Analytics! Footprint Analytics is an all-in-one analysis platform to visualize blockchain data and discover insights. Metapoly and Footprint are teaming up to revolutionize the metaverse by creating liquidity, utility, and analysis for your metaverse assets.

We believe that metaverse land investors deserve to be well informed and educated, and add various values to the metaverse real estate field. Through this partnership, we will be able to support each others’ communities and apply this belief. You can read more about this partnership in this article!

Community activities

This month, we continued and improved our ways of sharing knowledge about the metaverse and, as a result, kept our bonds tighter than ever! Check out this month’s Community Activities by Metapoly:

Metapoly’s Newsletter: Your Weekly Metaverse Updates

Metapoly continuously provides up-to-date metaverse news for everyone. We are currently on the 11th newsletter, and with 31 subscribers! We want to give thanks to the people who support our newsletters and use them as a reference for their weekly metaverse updates. Here’s some of the important news that we covered for this month!

  1. NFT Worlds face a challenge as Microsoft-owned Mojang announced that NFTs and blockchain technology would no longer be allowed to integrate with Minecraft and their solution to it. We also covered its effect on their sales and prices.
  2. The Sandbox Game’s release of Alpha Season 3 and its effect on their sales and popularity.
  3. Different news about the metaverse all around the world.

There’s a lot more to read inside our newsletters and our insights about the metaverse. Check it out here in our Medium, or subscribe so you can receive this weekly right to your inbox.

Metapoly as seen in…

During August, two of the core members of Metapoly have been featured in AMAs with other projects!

About two months ago, Metapoly’s core team went to NFT.NYC to introduce the project to a wider audience and during one of these events, Jenq Lee has been interviewed by Enjin Starter to talk about Metapoly’s vision of the metaverse and more. The video has just been released; you can now watch it below!

Jenq Lee with Enjin Starter

Whether you are an early supporter or a new one, this video will help you envision Metapoly’s goals for the metaverse. Make sure to give it a thumbs up and comment!

Last August 15, our head of Marketing Sarah Kwon has also been invited to talk in one of our partner’s spaces, MetaCat’s #MetaTime, together with Yanyi Kim of Metacat, Jeran Miller, Kasey of CryptoVoxels, and Denis Shipilov of Meta Gallery, discussed the Otherside as they still dominate the top of sales in this bear market. There were a lot of alpha leaks and strategies from the amazing degens! If you would like to hear more about it, you can listen to the recording here.

Tech Update

Testnet QA

  • Guardian NFT Smart Contract Development
  • The Sandbox Collection Integration in Borrowing & Lending

In Progress

  • Metapoly Dapp Frontend Revamp

We have just started a new month and are looking forward to what is coming in September!

  1. More partnerships with fellow metaverse projects;
  2. IRL Events with fellow degens in Token2049 Singapore;
  3. More reveals from Guardians NFT

We hope that you enjoyed being with Metapoly in August, and we look forward to seeing you in September!

Again, we want to dedicate our monthly project updates from our community to believe in Metapoly! The market is still brutal, but we can see how fast it changes — we don’t give up and continue to #buidl for the betterment of the metaverse. We will make sure that it will all be worth it.

We would also love to hear from you throughout the process. Let’s #OccupyMetaverse together!

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