Metapoly Project Updates: December 2022 Edition

5 min readDec 28, 2022


Happy Holidays, D33Dgens!

In the past year, there’s a lot of movements in the Metaverse. The emergence of different metaverse projects, and even brands entering the metaverse. But the overall traction has definitely died down a lot together with the market condition and micro-economy. And now we are coming to the end of 2022.

Metapoly is thankful for everyone who supported us since we started. As we always say, we never stop #buidl. The bear market is just a phase and the metaverse is here to stay.

Let’s recap what we have been building in Metapoly!


  • Milestones since Launch
  • Partnerships
  • Community Growth
  • What’s next for Metapoly in 2023

Milestones since Launch

Q1 2022

During the first quarter of this year, the team of Metapoly officially started its journey as a new decentralized metaverse landbank. We started strong with the vision of decentralizing the metaverse and giving control back to people. Let’s take a step back and review what we have achieved for Q1!

  • Weekly game night initiative on discord & Gather with USD incentive
  • Metapoly Twitter Space #MetaTalks initiative

Q2 2022

We were gaining a lot of traction in Metapoly during Q2 with a lot of highlights in the project. Genesis NFTs were sold out with the support of our OGs. We also hosted multiple overseas IRL events to broaden the awareness of the metaverse landbank.

Let’s review the key events that happened:

  • NFT Borrowing & Lending with Otherdeed, USDC on testnet

Q3 2022

We are here for the long run. After the market condition turned, Metapoly realized that we should not rush for token launch but rather focus on building, especially now that we are in the bear market. We have taken this opportunity to create partnerships and connect with our community members. It is never easy, but we know it will all be worth it!

  • Website & app UI revamp
  • Participating in Asian Crypto Week and Token2049 in Singapore. Networking with the metaverse partners and key players in the market

Q4 2022

The year 2022 has been passing by quickly, and now that we are in the fourth quarter, we are taking things slowly until things in the metaverse create a turnaround! We trust the process, observe other metaverse projects’ progress, and continue connecting with them. So far, here are the things that we have seen and done in Metapoly!

  • New Frontend UI Revamp
  • NFT Borrowing & Lending QA


We believe that connections with projects with the same vision make the foundation stronger! Throughout this busy year, Metapoly has also been very aggressive in connecting with various metaverse projects that helped in growing our community.

It was a great honor to engage with these amazing projects. And this is only the beginning. Check out our list of partners below.

Community Growth

Let’s also check out our community growth below!

What’s next in Metapoly?

All players in the market know that this bear is one of the harshest bears in the history of the crypto industry. It has been a rocky road for everyone and we’re still not out of the woods when the market turns around.

Metaverse is still at its very early stage. More users/ builders need to gather, and more use cases need to be built around the virtual real estate ecosystem. It was, therefore, critical for the team to readjust our expectations, and secure the longevity of the protocol rather than rushing into a token launch.

Now, that being said, here’s the updated roadmap onwards:

Q1-Q2 2023

  • NFT Borrowing & Lending beta launch on mainnet
  • Support ETH for Lending currency
  • Support more metaverse for Borrowing NFT collateral*
  • Guardians NFT Launch*

Q3-Q4 2022

  • Support the fiat-to-crypto feature in the Metapoly app
  • Expand languages to other regions to get more global community
  • Launch D33D token*

* some roadmap will be processed depending on market sentiment

At the same time, maintaining long-term community building & partners is important. So Metapoly will support the community members who are actively participating and keep focusing on networking throughout the metaverse industry.

We hope you enjoyed reading Metapoly’s 2022 Project Update. These achievements were not possible without our community that continues to believe that we can #OccupyMetaverse. We are bullish for the metaverse in the next many years!

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