Metapoly Project Updates: December 2022 Edition

Happy Holidays, D33Dgens!


  • Milestones since Launch
  • Partnerships
  • Community Growth
  • What’s next for Metapoly in 2023

Milestones since Launch

Q1 2022

  • Weekly game night initiative on discord & Gather with USD incentive
  • Metapoly Twitter Space #MetaTalks initiative

Q2 2022

  • NFT Borrowing & Lending with Otherdeed, USDC on testnet

Q3 2022

  • Website & app UI revamp
  • Participating in Asian Crypto Week and Token2049 in Singapore. Networking with the metaverse partners and key players in the market

Q4 2022

  • New Frontend UI Revamp
  • NFT Borrowing & Lending QA


Community Growth

What’s next in Metapoly?

Q1-Q2 2023

  • NFT Borrowing & Lending beta launch on mainnet
  • Support ETH for Lending currency
  • Support more metaverse for Borrowing NFT collateral*
  • Guardians NFT Launch*

Q3-Q4 2022

  • Support the fiat-to-crypto feature in the Metapoly app
  • Expand languages to other regions to get more global community
  • Launch D33D token*

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