Metapoly Project Updates: July 2022 Edition


Project Update:

  1. Land NFT Borrowing & Lending
  2. Partnerships

Community Activities:

  1. Metaverse Weekly Newsletter by Metapoly
  2. AMA with partners

Tech Update:

  1. NFT Land Borrowing and Lending
  2. Guardian NFT
  3. Sandbox Integration

Project Update

Land NFT Borrowing & Lending

Metapoly, the pioneer Metaverse Bank has launched its first product this month — Land NFT Borrowing & Lending, in beta! Metapoly aims to build the financial infrastructure of the metaverse, and one way to do that is to provide utility and liquidity for your metaverse land assets through different use-cases such as lending, leasing, fractionalizing, and more.

Partnerships with fellow web3 projects

Metapoly strongly believes that teaming up with other innovative projects is another great way to revolutionize the metaverse and continue to reach our goals.

Community activities

This month, we continued and improved our ways of sharing knowledge about the metaverse and, as a result, kept our bonds tighter than ever! Check out this month’s Community Activities by Metapoly:

Metapoly’s Newsletter: Your Weekly Metaverse Updates

As we all know, Metapoly started to release a “metaverse newsletter,” where you can get weekly news, analytical updates, insights, and events in the metaverse!

  1. Meta News, here we share other news in the metaverse worldwide. No need to search anymore because we’ve got you covered.
  2. Metaverse Analytics, where we use different analytical platforms, monitor, and perform research based on the current numbers for that week! Even if you are just beginning to enter the space, we’ll help you understand the current status of the virtual lands.
  3. Meta Spotlight and MetaTalks, where you can read exciting projects, articles, and even podcasts to familiarize you with the space. In our MetaTalks section, we will update you with last week’s MetaTalks, and how you can listen to its recording.

Metapoly’s AMAs with partners in #MetaTalks

On July 18th, we had an AMA with Index Gaming as we announced our partnership. During our AMA with Index Game, we learned about their vision, mission, and services, such as voxel design, ads, gaming, and social experiences. Undoubtedly, The Sandbox Game has appointed them, for they create an innovative experience for the community. They also shared their experiences as a creator.

Tech Update


  • Metapoly website revamp completed
  • Borrowing & Lending for Otherdeed completed
    - Borrow & Lend
    - Auction
    - Dashboard v1
  • Metapoly app (Beta) Testnet & Mainnet deployment
  • Beta Mainnet QA completed

In Progress

  • Guardian NFT launch
  • The Sandbox land integration in Borrowing & Lending
  • Metapoly app frontend UI design revamp
  1. Upcoming partnerships with fellow metaverse projects;
  2. Guardians NFT launch and alpha leak for the perks for our OGs, partners, and new community members!

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