Metapoly Project Updates: May 2022 Edition

Hi, D33Dgens!

May is named after the Greek goddess Maia who looked after plants and curiously took the team directly to Palm Beach for our first IRL event, which was a huge success!

I guess we can say May was a month full of surprises in the market, and also filled with growth and accomplishments for Metapoly, and we can’t wait to share with you everything ongoing under the surface!


Social Status Update:

  1. Twitter: 13,000+, 8% increase from Apr

Project Update:

  1. Miami IRL Event

Community Activities:

  1. Metapoly Ambassador Program

Tech Update:

  1. Testnet Deployment of contracts for NFT borrow & Lend

Project Update

Miami IRL Event — Into the Future

On the 17th of May, Metapoly core team members had the pleasure to host the INTO THE FUTURE event in Palm Beach, Florida in the US!

Metapoly co-organized this event with Huobi incubator, Huobi ventures, Alphabit and Techstars in conjunction with Permissionless 2022, known as the Web3 Cultural Event of the Year having been powered by nothing less than Blockworks, Coinbase, and Bankless.

The intention is to bring the project awareness to a global audience and expand our web3 community with more VCs, projects, and web3 natives. We were thrilled to gather, under the same roof, more than 250 guests! Among them are venture capitalists, and web3 projects, like Consensys, Nansen, Coinbase, Polygon, GSR, Bitstamp, and Fireblocks!

During the event, we were able to connect with many interesting people and start collaborations that will show up in Metapoly’s near future, besides, of course, having a great time with our guests.

Here’s a sneak peek for you about how the event was:

Metapoly team in action
We had a full house event!
Metapoly core team introducing the project to the audience.
Great team work Metapoly!

Metapoly website update

Metapoly’s website has a new face, and we are very glad to show you its new look here

We took the feedback from both community and investors to further simplify the information provided on Metapoly website as it has been pointed out to be overly complex for some new users to understand.

We have added the two key target user groups that may benefit from Metapoly platform: the landowners and the land investors. And what the use-case/benefit for the users is clearly indicated on the new website too.

We have also added MetaTalks YouTube videos, so it’s easily accessible to the community.

Let us know your thoughts and feedback on the new website too!

Community activities

In May, the Metapoly team didn’t stop sharing knowledge and connecting with different metaverse projects through #MetaTalks, our weekly Twitter Space.

At the same time, we want to make sure that the community feels valued and engaged; thus, our weekly games and activities through Discord and Twitter.

Weekly MetaTalks — all the previous episodes are uploaded on our YouTube channel

Even with the current market situation, the community is still active and interested in acquiring more knowledge about the Metaverse. On the 19th of May, with the topic of “IRL Projects in the Metaverse” and an AMA session with our guest speaker, Melanie of Parcel NFT.

On the 12th of May, we had the honor to have Nelson from discuss ‘Analysing Data on Nansen’. The space was truly a special one, Metapoly’s community had the chance to learn how to use the Nansen, a blockchain analytics platform, to do read their dashboards which gives you valuable information about the crypto market, like where the smart money is investing on and what are the NFT projects thriving or getting closer to.
All of this happened not only in our #MetaTalks, but also in our Discord, where our D33Dgens could follow and learn everything through video as well.

Social leaderboard campaign

The weekly game night for the Monthly Social Leaderboard is still ongoing. Now with 21 amazing D33Dgens racing to the top, the community also enjoys the time and gets more connected either by having fun while playing Gartic, or learning while playing our Trivia games about the Metaverse, Metapoly, DeFi, and NFTs. One more week and we are announcing this month’s winner of 500 USD and resetting the leaderboard for new participants, along with it, waiting to meet our next month’s winner.

Ambassador Program

The Metapoly Ambassador Program has received over 200 applications. In the past few weeks after it was announced, the team has been sorting talented applicants that will surely help the community grow more.

So far, the team has selected 6 people and is hoping to announce and see them in action soon!

If you are still new to Metapoly’s community, but looking for a way to participate, make sure to apply for our ambassador program or simply fill out this form to participate as a MetaTalks speaker!

Tech Update


  • ERC20 pair Borrow Lend Model

In Progress

  • Smart contract Integration for NFT borrow/Lend

Hope everyone has enjoyed our journey in May!

Thank you for reading!

We have just kicked start another month, and there are tons to look forward to in June.

  1. The product Testnet is going to be open for the community to test before the official beta launch. Stay tuned for the announcement on all of our social media platforms…

Important update: Due to the current market conditions, Metapoly's team had to be agile and flexible to adjust our launching strategy, at the same time allowing the core team to continue our seed round fundraising. We will have a follow-up medium on the new pioneer product, NFT borrowing & lending (focus on land NFTs) to give the community more detailed updates soon. Stay tuned!

Although the previous month has been rough for everyone, we believe that this is also an opportunity to keep on building! We are excited to share everything we’ve been building with all of our D33Dgens. Soon we will #OccupyMetaverse!

Follow Metapoly on social media and join the movement today!

“Own the D33D, rule the metaverse”

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