Metapoly Project Updates: November 2022 Edition

3 min readDec 8, 2022


GM, D33Dgens!

We believe that we are off to a great start — being careful and checking the market conditions, launching the basic structures in entering the metaverse.

It’s time for Metapoly’s monthly project update and this time, we will cover November!


Project Update:

  1. MetaMine Event in Decentraland

Community Activity:

  1. Metapoly as seen on…

Project Update

MetaMine Event in Decentraland

Metaverse is the reason why Metapoly is built. That’s why we always love when fellow metaverse projects invite us to partner with or participate in their events! We would love to highlight Metapoly’s participation in the MetaMine event by Meta Live Studio, a metaverse gamified event that aims to bridge players and brands, let players earn, and allow brands to be exposed to the metaverse.

This event started last 18th of November in MetaGamiMall on Decentraland and will last for 2–4 weeks. Together with 23 sponsors including Metapoly and Decentraland, players are rewarded with NFT utilities, wearables, and even 500 USD extra rewards!

During the event, players are able to collect coins by virtually touching them, checking the wearable price, claiming the wearables, and wearing them in an instant! Check out the photos below to see how the event went!

On the 6th day, Metamine is still on the highest ranks of games around Decentraland! A lot of players have truly enjoyed participating in this event and the rewards it comes with. We want to thank everyone who participated!

Project Update

Metapoly as seen on MetaCat’s website

We are thrilled to see that our Monthly Metaverse Newsletters are featured in our partner’s website- the MetaCat’s Metaverse Learn!

Metacat is one of Metapoly’s partners, where we get our ever-reliable metaverse news every month. As an analytical platform, they also release articles to help everyone learn more and get updated easily about the metaverse. Check out their page and let’s show some support!

Our Monthly Metaverse Newsletters can be found here. We provide monthly updates on what’s happening in the metaverse, analytics and insights on metaverse land investment, and more!

December is coming and there is truly a lot waiting for Metapoly!

  1. Metapoly’s Alpha Tester Program!
  2. More partnerships with fellow metaverse projects;
  3. Planning for 2023

Again, we want to dedicate our monthly project updates to our community for believing in Metapoly! The market is still brutal, but we can see how fast it changes — we don’t give up and continue to #buidl for the betterment of the metaverse. We will make sure that it will all be worth it.

We would also love to hear from you throughout the process. Let’s #OccupyMetaverse together!

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