Metapoly Project Updates: October 2022 Edition

4 min readOct 28, 2022


GM, GN D33Dgens!

We are back with the October edition of Metapoly’s project update!

It has been a good beginning of Q4, finding new metaverse projects in the space, building the Metapoly UI revamp, and brewing some fun events for the Metapoly community! Things are not as exciting as crazy travel but we know building is the most important thing at this moment, so we’re slowly but humbly executing what we have planned.

Let’s deep dive into what we have been working on this month!


Project Update:

  • Metaverse Dashboard on Dune in progress
  • More Guardians NFT reveal!

Community Activities:

  • Monthly Metaverse Newsletter
  • MetaTalks

Tech Update:

  • Metapoly Testnet QA complete
  • Ready to deploy to mainnet

Project Update:

- Metaverse Dashboard on Dune in progress

As Metapoly knows that the analytics in the metaverse space is very important, Metapoly has been exploring different analytics tools in the market. While there are great partners, such as MetaCat, WeMeta, and Footprint Analytics, Metapoly thinks it’s also our mission to educate ourselves and our community.

So, Metapoly has been building a Dune Dashboard for the Top 3 metaverses: OthersideMeta, TheSandbox, Decentraland. Some information you can check out is: Volume, Sales, Holders, Gas stats, Transaction history, Market dominance, etc. It’s still work in progress, but we would be able to show the dashboard very soon.

Here’s some sneak peak of the dashboard we have been working on. Stay tuned for a more beautiful dashboard once it’s complete!

- More Guardians NFT reveal!

If you have been following Guardians NFT closely, you probably already know that we’ve revealed our 3rd Guardian — The Destroyer!

Guardians NFT is a utility NFT for the Metaverse Bank, the Metapoly ecosystem. This NFT is more tightly targeted to the metaverse community and is full of perks. Plus, this is Mint2Earn NFT, where allowlisters can earn 30% referral fee and can win raffle tickets for a total of $100k worth of prizes.

If you are interested in our Guardians NFT, check out the latest tweets from

Community Activities:

- Metapoly Monthly Metaverse Update

Without any exception, October has been also a fruitful month for the metaverse. Our marketing team has issued the October edition of Monthly Metaverse Newsletter.

In this issue, we’ve seen some drop approximately by 9% from moving on to October from September, however we’ve also seen good feedback as The Sandbox has launched Alpha Season 3, such as increased number of landowners, MREI (Metaverse Real Estate Index) being higher than ETH price.

You can read the full newsletter here:

Don’t forget to subscribe and let us know if you have some crazy metaverse news you’d like to share!

- MetaTalks

Metapoly planned 2 MetaTalks this month:

1. What to do with your #NFT? (on 13 Oct)

2. How to analyze the metaverse — Price? Game? Community? (27 Oct)

For the first MetaTalks in Oct, we’ve invited OUTR Studio, Paddy, Rowdy and talked about what’s the best way to utilize their NFT, in & outside of the metaverse. Having such great guests, especially very experienced in this market, was an honor for Metapoly.

Metapoly welcomes anyone in this space to share their insights regarding web3, crypto, metaverse.

Looking forward to seeing all of our community members on 27 Oct to talk about the secret recipe of successful projects in the metaverse, how to evaluate your land assets, and many more.

In this #MetaTalks, we have invited Matterverse, LandVault and last but not least, our beloved partner PangeaDAO. Make sure to set an alarm so that you don’t miss this episode:

Tech Update:

  • Metapoly Testnet QA complete
  • Ready to deploy to mainnet

From the tech side, Metapoly experienced a bit of delay, but fret not! It’s all well and good.

The testnet QA is successfully finished, so that means we’re ready to deploy our Borrowing & Lending to the mainnet! As you all know this Borrowing & Lending feature supports Otherdeed from OthersideMeta, and now with this revamp, TheSandbox.

If you are ready to jump in, then feel free to check it out on our testnet

We’d love to hear from you!

Here’s the sneak peak of our new app.

Metapoly appreciates the support and attention the community has been given so far, hope we all stay connected. As our Borrowing & Lending revamp with TheSandbox is right around the corner, Metapoly will support the community members who are actively participating in the product we’re building.

Hope you enjoyed our October update and are as excited as we are for the Borrowing & Lending! Stay tuned for fun activities we’ve prepared at the Decentraland!

Keep #OccupyMetaverse with us!

Thank you!

Best regards,

Metapoly Team.




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