Metapoly Project Updates: September 2022 Edition

6 min readOct 3, 2022


“People say the bear market is the best time to build and catch up with old friends and meet new ones” is worth remembering for September.

Another month of creating and sharing with the amazing community of Metapoly! As we constantly build a slow and steady infrastructure for the metaverse, we appreciate how supportive our D33Dgens are, and we are ready to give back more with all of what we’ve been building.

We can say that September might be slow because of the market, but it’s also filled with growth and accomplishments for Metapoly, and we can’t wait to share everythingongoing under the surface!


Project Update:

  1. Metapoly in Asian Crypto Week
  • NFT Social SG with Ape Gang NFT and ReBlock Ventures
  • Asian Crypto Week

Community Activities:

  1. Metapoly’s Monthly Newsletter
  2. MetaTalks

Tech Update:

  1. Testnet QA
  2. Minor issue fix on Metapoly Alpha version dapp

Project Update

Metapoly in Asian Crypto Week

We would love to highlight Metapoly’s participation during the Asian Crypto Week last September 23–29 in Singapore! It was a fruitful week as we met some of our OGs in real life, and the Asian Crypto Week and Token 2049 in Singapore have opened more opportunities for the project. Read more below to see the full detail of the events!

- NFT Social with Ape Gang and ReBlock Ventures

On the 24th of September, Metapoly core team members had the pleasure to co-host the NFT Social event in The Parlour Singapore!

Metapoly co-organized this event with Ape Gang NFT and Brian D. Evans & Reblock Ventures in conjunction with Token2049 in Singapore, also known for the Asian Crypto Week.

The intention is to meet our fellow D33Dgens and partners in real life, talk about our insight into the current status of the space and create more presence together with the same minds. We were thrilled to gather under the same roof and have close to 100 people claim their registration stubs!

The event was truly amazing, as we connected with our OGs in real life — finally! The community has been tight ever since we launched our Genesis NFTs, and this is a perfect moment for everyone.

Here’s a sneak peek for you about how the event was:

Official Metapoly banner during the event
Metapoly OGs IRL meet-up

- Asian Crypto Week (Token 2049)

Token2049 is the premier crypto event, organized annually in Singapore and London, where founders and executives of the leading Web3 companies share their views on the market. This event also brings together the global Web3 industry, uniting entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry insiders, and global media to create unparalleled networking opportunities.

The Token 2049 happened on September 28–29, but different projects in the space created a lot of side events to commemorate the upcoming “Asian Crypto Week”. The core team of Metapoly made sure to not miss this opportunity and introduce Metapoly to a broader audience. We believe that this event brings project awareness to a global audience and expands our web3 knowledge and community with more VCs, projects, and web3 natives.

Check out some pictures below of how it went!

Community activities

This month, we continued to improve our ways of sharing knowledge about the metaverse and keep our bonds tighter than ever! Check out this month’s Community Activities by Metapoly:

Metapoly’s Newsletter: Your Weekly Monthly Metaverse Updates

As the market goes slow, we want to give more value to what we provide our community. The Metapoly team has decided to switch our weekly metaverse newsletters to a monthly issue.

The goal of our newsletters from the start is to give analytical updates, news, and insights to our community, and we want to continue providing this information in a more efficient way for everyone.

Here are the sections that you are going to see in our monthly newsletters!

  1. Meta News, we bring you the most important news that happened monthly in the metaverse. We got you covered.
  2. Metaverse Analytics, where we use different analytical platforms to monitor, and perform research based on the changes that happened monthly!
  3. Meta Spotlight and MetaTalks/Metapoly’s Special Corner, where you can read exciting projects, articles, and even podcasts to familiarize you with the space. In Metapoly’s Special Corner, we will also get you updated about our progress and feature special MetaTalks!

There’s a lot more to read inside our newsletters and our insights about the metaverse. Check it out here in our Medium, or subscribe so you can receive this monthly right to your inbox.


Even with the current market situation, the community is still active and interested in acquiring more knowledge about the Metaverse. Starting the month of September with our MetaTalks titled “How to make/lose money with your NFTs” and on the 23rd of September, with the topic of “Builders in the Metaverse”. During our MetaTalks, we invited an amazing set of guests who openly spoke up on how to continue building during this bear market.

Metapoly was also invited to Digital Landowners Society’s Twitter space, where we had an AMA and talked about the metaverse and its assets. We also became one of the speakers in the Twitter space of one of our partners, Footprint Data on the 15th of September. We talked about “Governance and Metaverse: The Questions No One is Asking” with surprise guests! The topic itself is interesting, as it opened up some unspoken problems and alpha leaks.

All the previous episodes are uploaded on our YouTube channel

Tech Update

Testnet QA

  • Metapoly QA test has been going on for the Alpha version

In Progress

  • Minor issue fix on Metapoly Alpha version dapp

October is coming and there is truly a lot waiting for Metapoly!

  1. Metapoly’s Alpha Tester Program!
  2. More partnerships with fellow metaverse projects;
  3. More reveals from Guardians NFT

We hope that you enjoyed being with Metapoly in September, and we look forward to seeing you in October!

Again, we want to dedicate our monthly project updates to our community for believing in Metapoly! The market is still brutal, but we can see how fast it changes — we don’t give up and continue to #buidl for the betterment of the metaverse. We will make sure that it will all be worth it.

We would also love to hear from you throughout the process. Let’s #OccupyMetaverse together!

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