Metapoly Weekly Metaverse Update — Issue #2

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Let’s dive into it!

💰Meta analytics

In this section, we are collaborating with the top analytics companies/ projects to bring you data analytics and insights focusing on metaverse land investment. This week’s analytics data are from MetaCat, a platform that contains Metaverse Data Analytics and Content Navigation.

  • Metaverse Sales during the Mid-Year

In the last week’s Newsletter, we mentioned how big the sales were back in May 2022, compared to May 2021. There was a whopping increase of 26,567% for just a year, which is likely due to Facebook’s rebranding to Meta.

But now that we are almost near the end of the month, we are seeing an undeniable decrease in the Virtual Land Sales, and even reaching small numbers each day ever since June has started. Based on the data below, just a week difference which is from June 14 to June 24, we experienced a 65% decrease in land sales.

We can also see from the data below that, in just a span of a month, the Average Parcel Price of the Top Virtual Lands went down by 60%. This is actually not surprising, since last month, 90% of the sales from the launch of Otherside Meta, but without it, the Metaverse Sales and Price will be on a decreasing pattern.

📌 This Week’s Significant Land Updates

In this section, we’ll be discussing some of the top Metaverse projects from MetaCat and the significant changes that they made in the market. Let’s check out the updates from them, and what moves have they made this week!

The Sandbox Game

The Sandbox Game continues to experience a continuous decline in its Daily Number of Parcel Sales and Average Daily Price. As we discussed in our previous newsletter, there are several reasons for this, including the slow development of the project.

But, we can also see from this data that there is an increase in the Parcel Sales last June 14–15, which is higher than the usual. One reason that we can connect this upward trend is their recent announcements during those dates.

Last June 14, they announced the Game Maker Fund Experience, “Nosy In The Wild” a digital art experience that was designed in The Sandbox by visual artist Valentina Loffredo, and is featured in a prestigious event in Milan and on June 15, one more caught that our eye is their partnership with Lionsgate to create a film-themed entertainment destination in the metaverse. Quite interesting, right?

But still, we can’t deny a more significant downward trend this week — and we are still looking forward to a development that will surely create another roar in the Metaverse space.

World Wide Webb

World Wide Webb is a 2D metaverse inspired by “Ready Player One” a different proposal to host different NFT collections where you can interact with different games to collect coins and NFT. It is nowadays one of the most advanced and interoperable Metaverse.

From the data below, we see a great increase on June 21 of their Average Parcel Price, from their usual downward trend. We are also seeing an upward trend for their Number of Parcel Sales on the 13th and 21st of June.

What might be the reason for this increase?

By checking World Wide Webb’s social media updates, they recently announced that V2 Public Beta Launch is coming soon, and the traction continued to attract an audience when they launched their latest Beta Build.

Most of the players claim that this is the right timing to ape in! With an improved free-to-play MMORPG with retro graphics, robust utilities, and 80K+ connected users. They managed to stay at 0.5 ETH for over a week even in the bear market, then jumped to 0.625 ETH last June 21. Their Unique holder’s ratio remained at 50% and 70% of the items have been held for 3 months!

We are excited to see what’s coming to the GameFi space of the Metaverse!


Another project that we are able to see a really significant upward trend is NetVrk1. NetVrk1 is a multichain metaverse on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to monetize your content via NFTs. Starting this month, they have been consistent in maintaining their average price and number of sales.

There is still a significant decrease of 26% in the average parcel sale from last month, but glad to see that NetVrk1 continues on building and proving its vision to its investors as they continue to partner with different projects for their platform!

📌Top Metaverse Land Heatmap

This is another very interesting feature by MetaCat. In this heatmap feature, users will be able to see the amount of traffic and parcel price that the Metaverse Lands have. In each individual metaverse heatmap, the bright areas have more traffic or higher average parcel price (users can choose to view by traffic or price).

Users can also utilise the heatmap to view the top20 parcels (sales price) for each selected period of time for each metaverse.

This heatmap will be a useful indication for land investors to discover the parcels/ areas with the most traffic and highest average price within each metaverse.

  • Conclusion

From the graphs below, we are yet to compare that Metaverse is still doing better than ETH, based on its price. Even so, we all know that there is still a long way to go to create liquidity and utility in the Metaverse.

From the Parcel Sales Amount from this month, we are also seeing that most of the contribution still came from the Otherside Meta. Another factor that we should look into is having a more affordable land price for the public.

We are hoping to see progress from the other projects as time goes on.

As we continue to bear the bear market, we are still hopeful to see the light at the end of the tunnel and continue to grow in space.

🧿Meta Spotlight:

This section is reserved for the projects, podcasts, events, or newsletter that is currently trending or worth looking into for everyone in the space!

Event of the Week

Of course, the NFT. NYC is this month’s event highlight! We are not just looking into NFT NYC, because we all know that some Metaverse Projects also came and held their own event. We’ve seen The Sandbox Game, BAYC or Otherside Meta, and even Metapoly in NFT NYC!

We have seen most of the previews of their parties on Twitter, where each project had exclusive events, meetups, amazing guests, and of course, alpha leaks! NFT NYC is surely an amazing opportunity for the people in the space to exchange knowledge and continue to inspire.

Project Spotlight

Today, we are featuring Fluf World! FlufWorld is a Metaverse ecosystem of NFT character collectibles and a global, creative community. In Fluf World, strange creatures roam, music sets the vibe, and inclusivity connects us all.

FlufWorld had a 19% increase from May 2022 to June 2022, giving signs of stabilization in their average price per month.

With their recent announcement of the launch of the Futureverse Foundation, in collaboration with leading artists and philanthropists Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves, we are sure that they are building something for the space!

Must Read Corner

For this week’s Must-Read Corner, we want to give MetaCat — the same analytic tool we used for the Meta-Analysis above — a special mention for their recent release on Medium titled “Analysis of the current situation of the Head Platforms”.

In this article, Metacat discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the 6 top projects in the Metaverse- Decentraland, The Sandbox, Voxels, Somnium Space, NFT Worlds and Worldwide Webb land. They compared and analysed the platforms from the platform development history, tokens, land function, price, the status of landholders, project completion, land construction difficulty, and many more!

This is a great read for people who want to be updated about these platforms, or new people entering the Metaverse. Get a thorough update and analysis from Metacat!

🎙Metapoly’s #MetaTalks Thursdays

During last week’s MetaTalks, our talk revolved around NFT and its utilities, and answering the question of whether to offer utilities or not?

We had a handful of special guests including ParakeetDAO, VLG Architect, CaptainMoon, ApeGangNFT, and DLS Society to talk about whether the future of NFTs relies on their utilities. Right now, we have projects like goblintown, a project that proudly announces not having a roadmap, much less any utility with a floor price above 3 ETH.

Summarising the space, here’s one part that we will surely think about moving further if we will participate in the NFT or Metaverse space, “utilities are one way to know what’s the foundation of a project- it’s all fun and games without it, but what will happen in the long run? Make sure you do your research properly, and invest in projects that will be there in the bear and bull’.

If you missed the twitter space, you can always go back to listen to the recording here:

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