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Metapoly is a metaverse bank that focuses on building financial infrastructure for the metaverse. Metapoly creates liquidity and utility for your metaverse assets through borrowing & lending, leasing, fractionalization, and more.

We aim to be the go-to DeFi platform for metaverse land investors and metaverse enthusiasts. Welcome to Metapoly, where we build, invest, and explore the metaverse together!

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Now, let’s dive into it!

💰Meta analytics

In this section, we collaborate with top analytics companies/projects to bring you data analytics and insights focusing on metaverse land investment. This week’s analytics data are from MetaCat, a platform that contains Metaverse Data Analytics and Content Navigation.

  • Metaverse month-ender update

July was a busy month for our builders in the metaverse, and despite the market situation, we never stopped building to achieve the metaverse that we all dream of having. By checking on Tables 1 and 2, which indicate a -26.73% decrease in the Parcel Sales Amount from June 2022 to July 2022 of the Parcel Sales Amount in the Metaverse, with the most significant sale still coming from Otherside Meta, even with a total -31.43% decrease from June to July 2022.

The metaverse continuously declines adjacent to the market, which is also depressed throughout the month. However, despite this downward trend we are experiencing, we are still doing better than in July 2021. Based on Table 3 below, we can see a total of 240.99% increase from July 2021 to July 2022 and indicates that builders in the metaverse have improved so much since last year.

We are also amazed by how more real-life businesses and universities are showing interest in the metaverse and creating their way inside. Just this week’s latest news, the University of Tokyo offers a range of study programs later this year that will take place in the metaverse. Even Jose Cuervo also joined the movement through Decentraland.

We believe this is just the beginning, and we continue to grow together!

📌 This Week’s Significant Land Updates

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the top Metaverse projects from MetaCat and the significant changes they made in the market. Let’s check out their updates and what moves they made this week!

The Sandbox Game

We’ve seen continuous development and partnerships from The Sandbox Game this month, and it’s undeniable how well they are continuously developing and developing the metaverse to be open for everyone. Based on Table 4, we can see a 136.95% increase from June 2022 to July 2022 in the Total Number of Landowners at the end of each month. We can also see in Table 5 that they have an 18.58% increase from June 2022 to July 2022 in their Average Parcel Price.

This increase is undeniable, as we are seeing them going their ways to improve their platform. Some of their recent announcements are: Bringing Ragnarok to Sandbox, which is perfect for people who loved Ragnarok way back, Sandbox deploying in Polygon, World of Women Galaxy Guardians Avatars can now be playable in The Sandbox, and of course, the announcement of the most awaited — The Sandbox Alpha Season 3’s First Glimpse!

Despite all of the partnerships and developments, Table 6 shows that parcel sales have decreased by -48.25% from June 2022 to July 2022. This number indicates that the bear market still has its effect.

Nevertheless, we are excited about what’s coming, especially now that The Sandbox Game is on the move.

Somnium Space

Another noticeable blue-chip virtual land in an increasing trend is Somnium Space. We’ve seen their struggles for the previous month, but now, based on Table 7, we see a 53.84% increase from June 2022 to July 2022 in their Number of Parcel Sales. Way to go!

We also see a 15.59% increase in their Average Parcel Price from June 2022 to July 2022 in Tables 8 and 9. The numbers aren’t lying with the current developments and ongoing partnerships.

By simply checking their social media accounts, we can easily spot the reasons for this increase, such as: The official partnership with Karel Janecek, who will run for the 2023 Czech presidential campaign, New Frontier’s announcement of coming into the metaverse through Somnium Space, and, concerts and meetups inside The Somnium Space!

NFT Worlds

We featured NFT Worlds in our previous newsletter. They face a current challenge because Microsoft-owned Mojang announced that NFTs and blockchain technology would no longer be allowed to “integrate” with Minecraft. That was terrible news for NFT Worlds because they built an entire crypto-economy over a collection of randomized seeds to make specific Minecraft maps.

In line with this announcement, we can see from Tables 10 to 11 that it affected their Average Parcel Price and experienced a -65.86% decrease from June 2022 to July 2022, and in Table 12, a -69.05% decrease in their Total Number of Landlords from June 2022 to July 2022.

But only recently, the team behind NFT Worlds announced their official statement and solution about this. The NFT Worlds team says they will prioritize “backward compatibility with existing Minecraft server development plugins and practices” in its upcoming clone. That means creators should “continue building NFT Worlds content” on top of the Minecraft clone, the team says, confident that it will work with the new, rebranded NFT Worlds game whenever it launches.

It’s still unclear whether the NFT Worlds’ clone will work the same way, but we can only hope for the best for them and their community.

  • Conclusion

We are at the end of July, and per the MREI(Metaverse Real Estate Index) graph below, we have experienced a total of -13.06% decrease from last month’s MREI. But, we know this is just a phase, and as we can see from our top virtual lands, as long as we continue to build, our hope of a decentralized web3 will be achievable, even without the tech giants.

🧿Meta Spotlight:

This section is for the projects, podcasts, events, or newsletters currently trending or worth looking into for everyone in the space!

Project Spotlight

We are giving our project spotlight today to Arcade Land! Arcade Land’s vision is to create the ultimate metaverse experience and create an exclusive habitat for each NFT Project where everyone can create, play, and defend.

Arcade Land’s project is a hit, as they started to bring their NFTs or PFP to life and have a utility inside their land. They collaborate with different NFTs to continue their vision, and just recently, they launched their virtual lands where the NFTs can have PVP games.

Their project is still in the process, but we are seeing good feedback from the NFT Community, even with the BAYC holders.

Must Read Corner

For this week’s Must Read corner, we feature Footprint Analytics’ articles, daily news, reports, and featured charts. Footprint Analytics is an all-in-one analysis platform to visualize your discoveries in blockchain data. One section on their website is where they share insights, news, and updates about different topics in the crypto, such as gamefi, metaverse, and NFTs!

They have different sections, and there is much to learn from them. You can also check out their Weekly Newsletter under articles, covering data and recommended reads where you can learn and get updated on what’s happening in web3. If you love comprehensive analyses and reports, they are one of the best to come into or even write for them. Check them out!

🎙Metapoly’s #MetaTalks Thursdays

What an interesting #MetaTalks session that we had last Thursday! We had a fantastic masterclass and AMA with WeMeta, a go-to platform for all things metaverse; robust data insights and accessible UI make it easier to interface with the digital world. If you’ve been following our newsletter for quite a while, you can see that we’ve used them to get analytics, which is beginner-friendly.

We had Winston from WeMeta as their speaker and our mentor during the MetaTalks. We discussed WeMeta’s vision, the different sections of WeMeta, and how easy it is to navigate for beginners — this includes the Total Volume, Sales, and Market Cap. WeMeta demonstrated how beginners could easily use their features by knowing the status of our virtual lands. Lastly, we talked about Metapoly and WeMeta’s partnership and how we can make an impact.

If you missed this MetaTalks session, check out our YouTube Channel:

Hope you are enjoying the Weekly Newsletter by Metapoly! We would love to hear from you on any feedback so we can improve along the way. Join the fellow metaverse enthusiasts in the community and start the conversation:

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