Metapoly Weekly Metaverse Update Issue #8

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Metapoly is a metaverse bank that focuses on building financial infrastructure for the metaverse. Metapoly creates liquidity and utility for your metaverse assets through borrowing & lending, leasing, fractionalization, and more.

We aim to be the go-to DeFi platform for metaverse land investors and metaverse enthusiasts. Welcome to Metapoly, where we build, invest, and explore the metaverse together!

Our Guardians NFT is minting soon. The allowlist is open for exclusive Free Mint access, fill out this form if you’re interested:

💰Meta analytics

In this section, we collaborate with top analytics companies/projects to bring you data analytics and insights focusing on metaverse land investment. This week’s analytics data are from MetaCat, a platform that contains Metaverse Data Analytics and Content Navigation.

  • Weekly Metaverse Review

Just a week from the previous month, we continue to notice the downward trend caused by the bear market. Just by checking Tables 1 and 2, the blue-chip projects have experienced a -58.65% downward trend from July 31 to August 4, 2022, in the Number of Parcel Sales. This number can still correlate with the current market situation, which means fewer people are going in unless there are big announcements from well-known names entering the metaverse inside one of these platforms.

Now, if we check Table 3 (July 3), we can see that the numbers from Table 2 (August 4) are lower than last month’s total project parcel sales — a total decrease of -68.31%.

📌 This Week’s Significant Land Updates


Being the project with the highest number of parcel sales for this year compared to other virtual lands, OthersideMeta has experienced highs and lows too. By checking Tables 4 and 5 below, we can see that they had their lowest point last July 20, 2022, for their Average Parcel Price and have been unstable since. But compared to the previous month’s average parcel price, the start of this month (Table 5) looks more promising. In total, from July 20, 2022, to August 4, 2022, there is a 13.66% increase in their Average Parcel Price.

If we check Table 6 below of the Number of Parcel Sales, we can see a better and more stable trend compared to last month’s numbers. We can associate this to their latest announcement of their Tech Demo in the mid July, and continuous improvement in their virtual lands. As of August 3, 2022, we can see 78 total parcel sales, and we hope to see a more stable uptrend in the following days!


Last month, Decentraland beat their downward trend, as we see progress from them which is seen in Table 7 (July 15, 2022). This improvement can be visually seen through social media, as many brands announce their participation in the metaverse through their platform, and more people from their communities start to enter. However, as seen in Table 8 (August 4, 2022), we began to see a downward trend again, just before the month started. Decentraland has experienced a total of -87.5% decrease from July 15 to August 4, an explanation for this is still because of the bear market, and by checking their social media accounts, there are no recent updates from the project ever since the month started.

But still, it’s just the start of the month and if we check Table 9, their traffic is still going strong! This means that people continue to support Decentraland and hope for the best in the coming days.

  • Conclusion

A brand new month means more opportunities and surprises coming for us in the metaverse. We have been through a lot during the bear market, and it has eliminated some doubts and given the chance to improve a lot. From Table 10 below, we are still seeing the effect of the bear from our monthly MREI, but still, we are higher than the ETH price. We hope for a better and stronger metaverse as the world continuously recognizes and adapts this space. LFG!

🧿Meta Spotlight:

This section is for the projects, podcasts, events, or newsletters currently trending or worth looking into for everyone in the space!

Project Spotlight

Today we will be featuring RTFKT, a creator-led organization. RTFKT uses the latest in-game engines, NFT, blockchain authentication, and augmented reality, combined with manufacturing expertise to create one-of-a-kind sneakers and digital artifacts. They already collaborated with a lot of big brands in the real world such as Nike! They focus on the fashion industry and leverage technology to create accessories.

They recently announced their next step of creation which is full commercial rights, and a lot of creators had eyes on it. Truly, an amazing time in the metaverse!

🎙Metapoly’s #MetaTalks Thursdays

Since a new month has started, Metapoly dedicates the first Thursday or #MetaTalks of the month to our community, and has our Community Call! For this space, we have amazing speakers: Victor, Cindy, JenQ, and Sarah from our Core Team, DaoChemist, one of Metapoly’s core contributors, Johnny from PangeaDAO, and KittyJenny from DLS as one of our partners!

Together, we talked about Metapoly’s progress from last month and what has been brewing… our Guardian NFTs! The Guardian NFTs are Metapoly’s 2nd drop, and some of its utilities mentioned during the talk are — limited and exclusive free mint, 30% referral fee on the Guardian NFTs Sales, and $100k worth of metaverse land raffle, and of course, #Mint2Earn. If you want to hope on this NFT movement, with more than just utilities, fill out this form and show your interest!

Along with this, we also discussed a lot of alpha leaks together with our guests, and the current market status and updates.

If you missed this MetaTalks session, check it out on our YouTube Channel:

Hope you are enjoying the Weekly Newsletter by Metapoly! We would love to hear from you on any feedback so we can improve along the way. Join the fellow metaverse enthusiasts in the community and start the conversation:

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