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7 min readAug 16, 2022


Welcome back to the weekly issue of Metapoly’s Newsletter!

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Now, let’s dive into this week’s newsletter!

💰Meta analytics

In this section, we collaborate with top analytics companies/projects to bring you data analytics and insights focusing on metaverse land investment. This week’s analytics data are from WeMeta, a go-to platform for all things metaverse; robust data insights and accessible UI make it easier to interface with the digital world.

  • Weekly Metaverse Review

The first two weeks of August went a little slow but steady for all of us and the blue-chip projects in the metaverse. Just by checking Table 1, we can see a 10.63% increase in their sales in 10 days.

We can also observe from Table 1 a pretty steady trend, which does not go up consistently but stays around in this number of sales per day.

Table 1. These data are from July 31 and August 10, and this Total Sales Amount comes from WeMeta’s Official Website.

Even though we are getting a pretty stable number compared to the previous days of July during the bear market, we are still hopeful to see a more progressive trend in the coming days. Table 2 shows August 16, 2021, and August 8, 2022, and we see a total of -56.97% decrease in daily sales of our blue-chip virtual lands in almost a year, this was even before Facebook rebranded to Meta.

We have several reasons we can connect this such as The Walking Dead joining the metaverse through The Sandbox Game’s platform. Although partnerships and launches like this are happening in various metaverse platforms, we can conclude that the bear market took a toll.

Table 2. These data are from August 16, 2021, and August 8, 2022, and this Total Sales Amount comes from WeMeta’s Official Website.

Looking at a bit brighter side, we are seeing progress in Table 3 which is our Average Sale Price, in just 10 days, we can see a total of 32.22% increase.

Table 3. These data are from July 31 and August 10, and this Average Sale Price comes from WeMeta’s Official Website.

📌 This Week’s Significant Land Updates

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the top metaverse projects from WeMeta and the significant changes they made in the market. Let’s check out their updates, and what moves they made this week!

NFT Worlds

Everyone who spends time in the metaverse discussed the situation of NFT Worlds, and we also saw a lot of FUDs around them, ever since Minecraft announced removing any NFT associated with them. However, we can see from Table 4 that their sales have increased 22.22% from July 31 to August 10, 2022.

This consistency of still having progress can be associated with the developers of NFT worlds continuously updating their community with their action plan and the future of NFT Worlds, continuous AMAs to give updates, and even their Co-Founder reaching out to Epic Games who announced that they will not remove NFTs associated in their platform. What’s next for NFT Worlds? All our eyes are on to find out!


Voxels have been moving in a pretty steady phase in the previous month up to today. We can see in Table 5 that from July 31 to August 10, their sales have been moving around between 2–11 and a 200.00% increase from the numbers seen in Table 5. Besides the bear market, we can also connect this little progress since there has been no announcement from their side, besides numerous codings and sneak peeks of what they have been doing. But still, we are waiting for what they have been brewing.

Table 5. These data are from July 31 and August 10, and this number of Sales of Voxels comes from WeMeta’s Official Website.
  • Conclusion

We cannot deny that the metaverse space is still directly affected by the bear market. Although we still see through the MREI that we are still higher than the ETH Price, we continue to see a downward trend since September 2021.

Based on Table 6, we have already experienced a -19.36% decrease in our MREI but even though the metaverse moves fast, we can say that it’s still early to conclude how this month will go on―will it be like the previous months or will this be a month of breakthrough?

We still don’t know, but we are hopeful and we cannot wait to unveil the recent developments they have been doing inside.

Table 6. These data are from July 2022 and August 2022, and this MREI comes from MetaCat’s Official Website.

🧿Meta Spotlight:

This section is for the projects, podcasts, events, or newsletters currently trending or worth looking into for everyone in the space!

Project Spotlight

For this week’s newsletter, let’s give our project spotlight to STEPN! STEPN is a web3 lifestyle app with social & game elements, where users equipped with Stepn NFTs can earn by walking, jogging, and running outdoors. Sounds interesting, right?!

They have been featured in different articles since a lot of people loved the concept of a healthier lifestyle, combating climate change, and connecting the public to Web 3.0, all while simultaneously hinging on its Social-Fi aspect to build a long-lasting platform fostering user-generated Web 3.0 content.

They recently trended on Twitter because of their announcement that they will airdrop APE Shoeboxes will be airdropped to BAYC holders, and now, they have an ongoing run contest, and people are hyped to get into action!

🎙Metapoly’s #MetaTalks Thursdays

The NFTs and metaverses are continuously evolving every day, and as we move forward, we also see them have different characteristics and utilities that can benefit all of us in real life. To talk about the future of NFTs, we invited Literio from Versify Labs, Barteu from Epic Elephants, and last but not least, Lannie and Eva from HangoutMeta!

Together we had a very interesting discussion about NFTs, starting from what is the best thing about these PFPs, and what gives them more value, to discussing their long-term effect on different people and communities, to big businesses entering the scene, and even ETH 2.0. Some of our guests even provided alpha leaks and the NFT Project with the best utility for them!

If you missed this MetaTalks session, check it out on our YouTube Channel:

You’ll also love this interview with one of our core team, Jenq Lee with Enjin Starter during the NFT.NYC. In this interview, JenQ talks about the benefits of Metapoly for the users and how he sees the current market condition as an opportunity to start and build in and beyond the crypto metaverse! Check it out here:

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