Partnership Announcement with Footprint Analytics

2 min readAug 29, 2022


Teaming up to revolutionize the metaverse through creating liquidity and utility for your metaverse assets,

Metapoly is proud to announce a partnership with Footprint Analytics to further explore and collaborate on NFT data.

Under Metapoly’s vision, Metapoly has been welcoming all metaverse projects to join hands to incentivize building the meaningful financial infrastructure and ecosystem for the metaverse future, through #OccupyMetaverse movement.

Footprint Analytics is an all-in-one analysis platform to visualize blockchain data and discover insights.

It cleans and integrates on-chain data so users of any experience level can quickly start researching tokens, projects and protocols. With over a thousand dashboard templates plus a drag-and-drop interface, anyone can build their own custom charts in minutes.

Metapoly highly appreciates this partnership, where metaverse land investors can be well informed and educated, and various values are added to the metaverse real estate field. Metapoly and Footprint Analytics will now together support each others’ community by offering analytical insights on metaverse land investment, as well as creating a healthy and meaningful metaverse economy.

In this partnership, Shelly, CMO of Footprint Analytics said,

“As Web3 expands, we expect new asset classes and innovative use cases for the blockchain to start becoming widely known then adopted. Metaverse land is one such asset, and we’re excited to be working with Metapoly to unlock potential in this space.”

Furthermore, Cindy, the core team member of Metapoly added,

“Footprint Analytics is a powerful yet easy-to-use analytics tool, especially all across the blockchain network. As we are growing in this industry more than ever, analytics became more important as well. We’re pleased to collaborate with Footprint to provide insightful data not only in the NFT, metaverse scene, but in the crypto space overall to our community.”

About Footprint Analytics

Footprint Analytics is a tool to uncover and visualize data across the blockchain, including NFT and GameFi data. It currently collects, parses and cleans data from 17 chains and lets users build charts and dashboards without code using a drag-and-drop interface as well as with SQL or Python.

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