Partnership Announcement with WeMeta

2 min readJul 28, 2022

Teaming up to revolutionize the metaverse through creating liquidity and utility for your metaverse assets,

Metapoly is proud to announce a partnership with WeMeta.

Under Metapoly’s vision, Metapoly has been welcoming all metaverse projects to join hands to incentivize building the meaningful financial infrastructure and ecosystem for the future of the metaverse, through the #OccupyMetaverse movement.

WeMeta is the go-to platform for all things Metaverse; WeMeta’s robust data insights and accessible UI makes it easier than ever to interface with the digital worlds. WeMeta has been at the forefront of the metaverse land analytics ecosystem, which gave a lot of investors, metaverse advocates to learn the metaverse industry with accessible data.

Metapoly highly appreciates this partnership, where metaverse land investors can be well informed and educated, and various values are added to the digital land. Metapoly and WeMeta will now support each others’ community by offering analytical insights on metaverse land investment, as well as creating a healthy and meaningful metaverse economy.

Furthermore, Cindy, the core team member of Metapoly added, “WeMeta has been providing accessible and useful data in the metaverse ecosystem. We’ll be closely working with WeMeta to provide more information in the metaverse lands so that more people can join the metaverse investment.”

About WeMeta

WeMeta was created in early 2021 by founders, Winston Robson & Nick Bron. Funded by: Delphi Digital, DeFi Alliance, Digital Currency Group, and others. The company was born out of a need to make the Metaverse more accessible, more useful, and more exciting for users across the world. From Community Leaderboards, to Activity Feeds, to buying, selling, and trading digital land — WeMeta’s robust data insights and accessible UI make it the go-to platform for all things Metaverse.

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