The future: Metapoly World!

  1. Democratization & fractionalization of Metaverse lands in web 3.0 for the future citizens
  2. D33D token is a Metapoly’s governance token for the ecosystem.
  3. D33D governance token holders control the DAO; “own the D33D, rule the Metaverse”.
Genesis NFTs of Metapoly
  • Genesis NFTs holders will be verified as OGs in Metapoly discord (the current OG roles will be reassigned to the holders only)
  • Genesis NFTs holders will be able to mint future factions NFTs for free (gas excluded). Read more below for factions NFTs.
  • The series numbers of the Genesis Ape NFTs with the other designs of Genesis NFTs will be randomly distributed.
  • More potential use case for the Genesis Ape NFT holders to be unlocked with Ape Gang NFT and Metapoly in the future roadmap !
Limited Edition of our Genesis NFTs (Metapoly x Ape Gang)
  • The Genesis NFTs holders will be able to mint 1 factions NFTs for free (gas excluded)
  • Citizen without holding Genesis NFTs can also mint faction NFTs using D33D tokens (detail amount will be announced later)
  • The factions types will be randomized upon minting
  • Factions types and benefits will be finalized soon. But different factions will have different fees sharing, referral benefits as well as governance voting powers within Metapoly DAO.
Examples of Factions NFTs. There will be different traits with rarity scores.
  • Farm (Staking)
  • Bank (Borrowing and Lending)
  • Rocket Center (Launchpad)
  • Marketplace (Metaverse NFT marketplace)
  • Townhall (Voting and Governance snapshot)
  • Residence (profile page)
Metapoly City Overview (Demo)

Join the movement today with

“Own the D33D, rule the metaverse”



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A Metaverse DeFi platform that focus on solving liquidity and use-cases for Metaverse assets. — Own the D33D, Rule the Metaverse