The future: Metapoly World!

4 min readFeb 22, 2022

Introduce Metapoly:

  1. World’s first decentralized metaverse bank. Imagine Blackrock for Metaverse, decentralized.
  2. Democratization & fractionalization of Metaverse lands in web 3.0 for the future citizens
  3. D33D token is a Metapoly’s governance token for the ecosystem.
  4. D33D governance token holders control the DAO; “own the D33D, rule the Metaverse”.

The Story:

It’s the year 2045, citizens are gathered on abandoned lands due to the wars between different Metaverses. D33Dgens from Metapoly are determined to unify the Metaverse and liberate the citizens by giving back the control of land ownership to the D33D community and #buidl our future home together. Metapoly has risen to revolutionise Metaverse..

Genesis NFTs: The OGs. The believers.

Metapoly will be introducing its Genesis NFTs as the very 1st phase into the Metapoly World that its citizens are trying to rebuild. These NFTs are the “keys” to unlock future wealth & power in this new world.

There are only 300 exclusive designed 3D card NFTs ever going to exist. And only the community OGs (who participate IDO (initial discord offering)) are able to mint those precious Genesis NFTs. Regarding the IDO detail, please read more here.

Genesis NFTs of Metapoly

Special Utility of Metapoly’s Genesis NFTs

In addition to serving the purpose of the IDO, where Metapoly’s Genesis NFTs holders will be airdropped $pD33D tokens, there are multiple use cases for the Genesis NFTs within Metapoly’s ecosystem:

  • Since they are so limited, Genesis NFTs come with ultimate power to unlock any future usage in Metapoly world
  • Genesis NFTs holders will be verified as OGs in Metapoly discord (the current OG roles will be reassigned to the holders only)
  • Genesis NFTs holders will be able to mint future factions NFTs for free (gas excluded). Read more below for factions NFTs.

How to Mint Genesis NFTs

To mint 1 Genesis NFT, you will need to get whitelisted.

And there are only lesser than 50 spots left for the guaranteed slots (total 300 whitelist spots). Read here to check how to be whitelisted and join our discord NOW !

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: We have partnered with the Ape Gang NFT project to create limited editions of Genesis Ape NFTs!

The Apes have been watching humans from the jungle, accruing knowledge and wisdom over time. While humans have gotten complacent over time, Apes have been rapidly evolving, and some of the Gang have moved to the Metaverse even before any humans did, making them the real OGs of Metapoly World.

Presenting our Limited Edition Series: Metapoly x Ape Gang NFTs

  • There are only 30 Genesis Ape NFTs out of the 300 total Genesis collection which makes them extremely rare and unique!
  • The series numbers of the Genesis Ape NFTs with the other designs of Genesis NFTs will be randomly distributed.
  • More potential use case for the Genesis Ape NFT holders to be unlocked with Ape Gang NFT and Metapoly in the future roadmap !
Limited Edition of our Genesis NFTs (Metapoly x Ape Gang)

Diving Into Metapoly World:

In a dystopian landscape like that of Ready Player One, the remnants of humanity are trying to unite and rebuild, pursuing equal wealth distribution and balance. But as much as they try to avoid capitalistic systems, where there is money, there are bound to be power struggles. No one can have it all…

Phase 1: Factions NFTs

As citizens start to swarm into Metapoly, intrinsic tribalistic behaviours guide their decisions to formalize into different factions, with the intention of collectively pursuing life goals and self actualisation. In the early days of Metapoly, these factions are mindful of their history — working together to rebuild society, without being greedy, which was what caused the downfall of civilization before Metapoly. Will they succeed? Only time will tell.

Different factions in the Metapoly world will start having different benefits and abilities. By holding the NFTs of different factions, citizens will be able to choose the type of gains that fits their risk appetites.

  • The factions NFTs will be introduced after the Metapoly official launch.
  • The Genesis NFTs holders will be able to mint 1 factions NFTs for free (gas excluded)
  • Citizen without holding Genesis NFTs can also mint faction NFTs using D33D tokens (detail amount will be announced later)
  • The factions types will be randomized upon minting
  • Factions types and benefits will be finalized soon. But different factions will have different fees sharing, referral benefits as well as governance voting powers within Metapoly DAO.
Examples of Factions NFTs. There will be different traits with rarity scores.

Phase 2: Metapoly City (Q2 onwards, 2022)

D33Dgens are the new Degens , they #buidl the Metapoly City into a more sustainable world to live in and welcoming all the other Metaverse citizen to come and #buidl together. The world is now seeing the power of an unifying Metaverse built on top of the fundamentals.

Metapoly City Tour:

  • Treasury (Treasury!)
  • Farm (Staking)
  • Bank (Borrowing and Lending)
  • Rocket Center (Launchpad)
  • Marketplace (Metaverse NFT marketplace)
  • Townhall (Voting and Governance snapshot)
  • Residence (profile page)
Metapoly City Overview (Demo)

Welcome to Metapoly World, where the people hold their rights for their future ! Lets #OccupyMetaverse together!

Join the movement today with

“Own the D33D, rule the metaverse”

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